Since their introduction in 2023 our latest gun box models have proven to be very popular beyond the Bullseye community as they are perfect for all handgun shooters. While we endeavor to have all models in our three stock colors available for immediate shipment, this is not always possible as demand routinely exceeds our manufacturing capacity. If you require an immediate time critical shipment for a gift or shooting event, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-855-351-0144 so we can advise you if the model and color you require is on the shelf ready for shipment. Please be advised that custom colors currently have a led time of 21 to 28 days.
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      Q: What kinds of handguns will fit into your standard gun block?

      A: Our standard locking gun block accommodates a wide variety handguns. Without limiting the foregoing, accepts most compact and full size automatics including Glock, CZ, 226, 228, 1911, 92F, Browning HP, T33, Canik, and a wide variety of similar handguns. Also accepts revolvers up to and including K Frame .357 magnum.  For extra large revolvers such as the S&W “N” or “X” frames, we offer 4 gun locking gun blocks with one of the slots capable of accepting these large framed revolvers. Please select our products tab at the top of our home page for details on these specialty gun blocks.  

      Q: Do the foam elements of the gun block retain moisture or give off gases which may harm the finish on my guns?

      A: No, the foam elements are made of specially formulated and laminated closed cell commercial grade closed cell 2A3 rubber which will not retain moisture or give off gases. This makes the locking gun block ideal for storage applications, not just transportation.

      Q: Does your single pin locking system meet the lawful storage and transportation requirements for locking the triggers on my handguns as opposed to using individual trigger locks? 

      A: Absolutely, our trigger locking system is not only much more convenient and secure than individual trigger locks, it meets or exceeds all requirements for locking the trigger on a handgun for storage or transportation anywhere in North America. 

      Q: What is the size and actual footprint of the gun block? A: The base of the gun block is 7.75" deep X 7.25" wide with an overall height of 5.5". Please allow for a depth of 8.5" in your gun safe to accommodate the length of the locking pin.

      Q: Will you build a custom gun block for my specific requirements?

      A: Yes, we can provide locking gun blocks for up to 8 handguns and include custom slots for any handgun as may be required. Such requests usually arise out of  target pistols where wide custom grips go right out to the trigger guard area. Our existing line of locking gun blocks cover over 99% of all handguns. 

      Q: What are the dividers made of that separate the hand guns in the gun block?

      A: Name brand, clear ballistic makrolon polycarbonate.

      Q: What is the body of your handgun transportation boxes made of?

      A: Furniture grade, 3/8" thick white Baltic birch fine laminate.

      Q: What is the surface of your hand gun transportation box finished with?

      A: Once the surfaces of the box are completely prepared and prepped, a final finish coat of an environmentally friendly applied melamine is applied. This surface becomes very hard and durable.

      Q: How difficult is it to slide and remove the gun tray and storage drawer on the gun range box? 

      A: Both slide very easily, even when laden with handguns and ammunition as there are permanently installed nylon sliders built into the frame of the gun range box itself. Both the gun tray and accessory drawer may be removed from the gun range box by simply pulling either out of the box. 

      Q: What is the maximum amount of 9mm ammunition which can be carried in the accessory drawer of the gun range box? 

      A:  900 rounds in plastic storage boxes, 1000+ rounds in bulk. 

      Q: What is the pry open strength of the stainless steel locks you use on your gun range boxes? 

      A: The locks are lab tested to 150 kg which equals 330 pounds.