Please reference the first paragraph below on our home page regarding product availability and lead times. We take tremendous pride in the manufacture of every gun box which leaves our shop. We cut no corners and use the best materials money can buy. Approximately 90% of the materials used in the manufacture of our gun boxes are purchased from companies in the United States of America. .
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      Canatek was formed as a Canadian federally registered incorporation in 2013. In the summer of 2017 we began a development process to bring to market an entirely new generation of transportation and storage solutions for handgun shooters. As veteran handgun shooters ourselves, we wanted to increase the enjoyment of our sport which has become the subject of relentless restrictions placed upon us by government.

      Our first goal was to eliminate the use of individual trigger locks on handguns. You already know what I am talking about so I wont repeat it here. The product we developed was our Locking Gun Block which uses a single lock up pin for handguns in blocks of 2, 3, or 4 guns. (Up to 8 guns on special order)

      Your handguns within the gun block are secured to a level which far exceeds all lawful requirements related to trigger locks. Each handgun within the block is totally locked up and protected for transportation and storage. Additionally, the Locking Gun Block may be loaded with handguns and unloaded in a matter of seconds. Please review our Locking Gun Block data and usage sheet for additional details.

      Our second goal was to create an entirely new generation of gun range transportation and storage box. For the ultimate convenience of our fellow shooters we wanted a compact box that would not only provide a nesting place for our locking gun block, but an all in one box that would provide separate locked up storage for your handguns, ammunition, accessories, compact spotting scope, and targets.

      We took this one step further by adding modular capability which allows any one of multiple gun blocks from your firearms vault to be placed in your gun range box. Just select the block of hand guns you want for that shooting occasion, place it in your gun tray, and you are ready to go. Please review our web site for further details.

      We know just how important it is to all of us to both secure and protect our valuable handguns. For this reason we spared no expense in the selection of materials to manufacture our products. Through the extensive use of a variety of CNC machines the many components of our products are cut out with precision accuracy. Each product is then hand assembled by experienced craftsmen.

      Please review the data sheets on our products for more information regarding the painstaking efforts we go to in providing the best handgun transportation and storage systems for our fellow sport shooters. As the managing director of the corporation, I invite you to contact me directly should you require any further information or wish to comment about anything related to our products. I may be reached at [email protected]